Maintenance Supervisor

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American Recruiting Team
Maintenance Supervisor Job Profile and Description
The role of a Maintenance Supervisor is of immense responsibility and accountability. Individuals of such genres are liable to ensure the proper conducting of all maintenance and service functions in a facility. This job requires organisational and administration expertise for effectively managing a team of subordinates. Maintenance supervisors usually work at manufacturing units, automobile service centres and other commercial and residential facilities.
Duties and Responsibilities
Ensuring that all maintenance activities in a facility are appropriately carried out.
Maintaining and upholding the quality and standards of an organisation.
Keeping a record of all maintenance and service activities conducted and maintaining a cycle of the same.
Ensuring proper working shifts of employees.
Recruiting maintenance staff and evaluating their performances.
Interacting with other departments to ensure the proper functioning of all systems in a facility.
Complying with all safety norms and regulations set by the industry.
Delegating work to subordinates and ensuring the timely completion of the same.
Filing purchase orders and other documentations for the procurement of spare and replacement parts.
Skills and Specifications
Should have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Ability to effectively manage time and meet all specified deadlines.
Should have good leadership and organisational skills and the ability to motivate team members.
Education and Qualifications
High School degree, diploma or a GED equivalent qualification from an accredited institution.
Bachelors degree or an associates degree in administration, management, personnel management, or any other discipline with about 2 3 years of experience as a maintenance supervisor.

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